China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.,Ltd.(CAIGA) is a subsidiary company of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Holding 4 listed companies in the A share stock market in China, namely AVIC Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd., Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co.,Ltd., China Aviation Sanxin Co.,Ltd., Zhonghang Electronic Measuring Instruments Co.,Ltd. CAIGA has 10 billion RMB registered capital and over 43 billion RMB total assets.
     Implementing leading strategy and guiding development of general aviation industry, CAIGA strives for realizing “four leadings”. (industry-leading in product R&D, industry-leading in business model, industry-leading in brand value and industry-leading in scale economies) in a bid to achieve the vision of becoming a domestically leading and world-class solutions provider of general aviation industry.
     CAIGA currently owns two types of very light business jet (starlight100 and starlight200) and two types of very light business turboprop (Primus 100 and Primus150). The aircraft in batch production are Y5B, LE500 and HO300 etc., and the new aircraft under development are Y15-2000 and JL600. CAIGA has acquired US based company Cirrus and possesses a world-class general aircraft industry chain.
     CAIGA is developing in whole industry chain and whole value chain, and expanding worldwide. In China, it commands 5 major industry bases in Zhuhai, Guizhou, Shijiazhuang, Jingmen and Shenzhen with development model of whole industry chain, including R&D and manufacturing, general aviation operation, customer support and service. Its business spectrum covers parts & components manufacturing, final assembly and delivery, pilot training, aviation club, general aviation operation, business aviation, FBO (Fixed Base Operator), maintenance, leasing and various sectors, building a brand new industry morphology.

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